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Artwork for Nothing More

Nothing More
Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne

A solo for tenor or alto.
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About the song

As rumors start to spread that Evan might possibly be gay, he is ostracized and teased in school. Even his best friend, a popular kid named Jason, turns his back when suspicions arise about the nature of their friendship. Afraid of losing Jason, who he has deeper feelings for than anyone else he’s met, Evan writes a letter to his friend -- trying to articulate the nature of how he feels about him as a way of proving that there’s nothing weird about it.

The sheet music is available in the following keys/versions: For men, For women.

About the composer

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Charlie Sohne and Tim Rosser are a musical theater writing team. Find out more at: rosserandsohne.com

Website: www.rosserandsohne.com
Email: charlie.sohne@gmail.com

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