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Artwork for Sloanie Serenade (I'm in Love With My Cosmetic Surgeon)

Sloanie Serenade (I'm in Love With My Cosmetic Surgeon)
Solfa Carlile

A solo for soprano or mezzo.
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About the song

A belty character song for an actress with a good vocal range (A3-E5) and coming timing. The character performing is an upper-class British 'yummy mummy' who has developed a reliance on her cosmetic surgeon, to replace emptiness in areas of her life. Dark-humoured but also somewhat poignant.

The sheet music is available in the following keys/versions: A major .

Performed by Alison Arnopp, soprano.

Piano: Solfa Carlile. Guitars: Rob Carlile.

About the composer

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Solfa is a composer of both classical music and musical theatre. She is originally from Ireland and based in the UK. Whilst at school, she was awarded first prize in the International Song Contest for Peace with her song entitled 'There Comes A Rainbow'.

Solfa's one-act opera 'The Exile' was performed at The Arts Theatre London in 2015 as part of Helios Collective's new opera workshops.

Solfa wrote a parody musical 'Die School Musical' with her brother Rob Carlile, which was performed in London in 2013 and 2014. Her one-act musical, 'A Brief Engagement', based on the life of Jane Austen, was workshopped at The Poor School in 2015.

Solfa has also produced and musically-directed workshops as the artistic director of 'Genius Music Theatre' in London.

Facebook: geniusmusictheatre
Website: www.facebook.com/geniusmusictheatre

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