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Instantly downloadable new musical theatre sheet music, recordings and backing tracks

About Repertwa

Repertwa is a very small website aimed at bringing together artists, composers, lyricists and musical theatre enthusiasts to discover new music.


Rather than having a "market", we have a community. Some people write for the community, some people perform for the community and everyone enjoys listening. Repertwa is for all three groups. We focus only on Musical Theatre, because it's the community we know and love.


Some artists can't afford to set up their own websites selling recordings and sheet music. Some artists don't have the patience or interest. Our job is to offer artists a place to sell their material for free. There is absolutely no cost to the artist to sell material on Repertwa and it's a non-exclusive arrangement - feel free to sell your stuff anywhere else as well. We want to get the most amount of money possible pumped into the pockets of the Artists, so we offer a high cut of 80% of each sale going to the Artist (we keep 20% to cover fees, server costs etc.). We haven't found a better artist cut than that (but tell us if you do).


Imagine walking into an audition, completely confident that you're about to sing a song that no one has heard before because the composer just finished it a week ago. Our job is to make it easy to get the composer's latest material into your hands, and for a reasonable cost. It's that easy.


There's one simple reason we do this: Passion. That's the same reason you're here. We all love Musical Theatre.


Like most other industries, piracy is rampant in Musical Theatre. The trouble has been that it is easier to trade material with someone than hunt it out and obtain it legally. Repertwa is about finding what you were looking for (and more) in one place. We are honest to the composers and their fans. It's so much easier that way.

If you want any more information, or just want to say Hi, we'd love you to send us an email at hello@repertwa.com.

Behind the Scenes

Repertwa was created by Tyson Armstrong (personal blog).

Repertwa is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Repertwa is hosted by Linode out of Los Angeles, USA.