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Privacy Policy

This document outlines the type of information this website may collect, and what we may do with that information. By visiting the repertwa.com website or any of it's linked content, you accept these practices and policies.

Repertwa.com (Repertwa) uses Piwik to record information about each of your visits on our own server, and to analyses the traffic on the site. This information helps us understand customer interests and improve the website. When you visit our site the pages that you look at and a short text file called a cookie are downloaded to your computer. This information doesn't include any personal details, but may include information about which items you've added to your shopping cart. The cookie will not transmit your information to any other providers, it just allows us to gain a better understanding of who is visiting our site.

Once you create an account (remember, this is done automatically when you make a purchase), we store some personal information to allow us to continue to provide you with the files you've bought. We store your email address, password, name and a few other pieces of information (if you provide them), including your home town/country and social networking usernames. We don't store your credit card or other payment details; we leave that to Paypal.

If you sign up as an artist (with the ability to sell your music), we will display the information you provide under your artist account with the exception your PayPal email address. Your public email address, social network usernames and other information collected from you will be used to build your artist profile pages which are publicly viewable by all visitors to Repertwa.

While we are not going to share your personal details with any external third parties, we may develop some functionality to provide your basic personal information (contact details and city/country) to an Artist you have bought music from.

This policy may change at any time, and updates will be posted at this location (repertwa.com/info/privacy).

If you have any privacy concerns, or wish to have your account and personal information deleted, please email us at hello@repertwa.com.