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Instantly downloadable new musical theatre sheet music, recordings and backing tracks

Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the way we intend to do business with you. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, do not access this website nor any linked content we manage. We may need to change these Terms and Conditions in the future, and if we do, the latest version will be posted here (repertwa.com/info/terms).

To clarify, the term "Artist" as used within these Terms and Conditions refers to an Artist account, which may be held by one or more composers, lyricists and/or writers. For example, a writing duo such as Lerner and Loewe would have held one account, and would be considered an "Artist".


Repertwa.com (Repertwa) sells digital files (PDFs, MP3s, ZIPs) to Customers on behalf of Artists who use our service. It is our responsibility to provide storage for the files, and to transfer them to the customer when they have purchased them. We will collect the full value of the sale from the customer. 80% of the price will be allocated to the Artist and the remaining income will be retained to pay for servers, transfer and other expenses. Periodically (currently weekly), we will calculate how much each artist is owed for their percentage of the file price and transfer the money into their designated Paypal account.

We retain full rights to prevent access to the website and linked content we manage. We will do this when we are not comfortable continuing in any arrangement with the other party.

We will do our best to ensure the digital goods offered for sale are of high quality and do not infringe upon any copyright. If you believe otherwise, please let us know via email at hello@repertwa.com.

You, the Artist

Upon registering as an Artist to sell your music on Repertwa, you agree that we can sell the files you provide at the price you set. You must own the entire right to sell these materials, or have the appropriate arrangements will all involved parties in place. Your work may not infringe any intellectual property rights or other law or contractual duty. Your work may not be false or misleading, abusive, defamatory, deceptive, fradulent, constitute unsolicited advertising or exhibit any other unlawful or unethical characteristic. Repertwa.com will always have the final say in this regard. You will retain this copyright; we do not claim any ownership of the work, however we do require the right to store a copy of your music on our servers, and distribute it to the customer in order to facilitate the sale.

The files you provide must be of reasonable quality and accurately represent the descriptions you provide. If the files are unreasonably poor, corrupted, do not match the provided data or otherwise unsellable, we will not provide your percentage of the revenue. We will be refunding the entire sale price to the customer.

When a customer buys your music, you are also granting them permission to use the files to aid their own performances, regardless of their nature. You are not granting them permission to make further copies for the purpose of sharing, nor use the files to produce a commercial recording (but we think YouTube is fine and reasonable).

You, the Customer

When you purchase music on Repertwa, clearly you are entering an agreement to purchase digital files at the price indicated. You should be able to open the supplied MP3s and PDFs using the many available tools. If the file is corrupt or unreasonably poor in quality (we will make this call), then we will provide a full refund. We also expect that you will have listened to the sample audio where possible and will have made all efforts to ascertain that the music you have purchased is appropriate for your needs.

In addition to the digital files, when you purchase music you are also granted the permision to use the files to aid your own performances. While you can't make a commercial recording (it's hardly fair to pay a few dollars to record a song on your CD - contact the Artist directly to arrange something in this case), you can make non-commercial recordings, such as videos for YouTube. Use your commonsense, or email us at hello@repertwa.com for clarification.

You may not share the files you have downloaded, nor the links used to download the files, or even your account password for the purpose of sharing files. Give your friends our website address instead and tell them to buy their own copy. Afterall, if you bought it, why can't they?

The Final Word

In all instances we ask that you are reasonable, considerate and polite, and we will do the same. We also want to make sure your questions are answered, so email us at hello@repertwa.com if there's something you want clarified or added.