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Artwork for Like It Here (from The Hinterlands)

Like It Here (from The Hinterlands)
Elliott & Larsen

A solo for tenor.
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About the song

From "The Hinterlands", Paul, a bullied 14-year old gay kid from the middle of nowhere, learns about the tragic suicide of another gay teen in a neighboring town, and travels alone to attend the funeral. He is late for the service and everyone has gone, allowing him a moment alone with this unknown boy with whom he had something in common.

The sheet music is available in the following keys/versions: Tenor & Piano Conductor / Key of A, Alto-Mezzo & Piano Conductor / Key of D.

A backing track is also available for purchase. This is the accompaniment used on the demo recording.

The female version of the backing track can be purchased here:


Also, the accompaniment for this piece is written for acoustic guitar, piano and cello. You may purchase the acoustic guitar and cello parts (for either the MALE or FEMALE version) for $3 each at the following URLs:



About the composer

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MICHELLE ELLIOTT (bookwriter & co-lyricist) and DANNY LARSEN (composer & co-lyricist) met and began collaborating while attending NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. Their first musical, "The Yellow Wood", received the 2006 Richard Rodgers Development Award and the Daryl Roth Award. "The Yellow Wood" was presented as part of the 2007 New York Musical Theatre Festival and was part of the National Alliance of Musical Theatre Festival in October 2008. Their most recent collaboration, "Cloaked", received both the 2011 Jonathan Larson Grant Award and the prestigious 2011 Kleban Award for Best Libretto awarded to Elliott. "Cloaked" received a workshop production at CAP 21 in June 2010 and at the Village Theatre in Issaquah, Washington in August 2011. They also recently adapted Alan Madison’s childrens book "Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly" into a musical for Vital Theatre Company in New York City. Proud members of ASCAP, Danny and Michelle are currently writers-in-residence at CAP21 in New York City where they are working on "Maiden Voyage", an epic, swashbuckling pirate adventure following the two female pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonney. They are also currently writing and producing a new musical web series entitled "The Hinterlands" which will bring to light the effects of bullying in schools and society and is geared to reach LGBT youth in rural areas who have little or no support in their corner of the world.

Twitter: @elliottlarsen
Facebook: Elliott-larsen Musicals
Website: www.elliottlarsenmusicals.com
Email: elliott.larsen.musicals@gmail.com

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