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Artwork for Tell Me What You're Thinking

Tell Me What You're Thinking
Stephen Redwood

A solo for soprano or mezzo.
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About the song

A heartfelt ballad performed by Eve from the show Keep The Home Fires. Perfect for auditions and anyone who has ever wished their husband would tell them exactly what is on his mind, instead of having to guess.

The sheet music is available in the following keys/versions: Original key (Ab).

About the composer

Stephen is an award winning director, actor, producer and writer. Highlights of his work include composing for Silently Hoping at the Arcola, playing Puck in the BBC's A Midsummer Night’s Dream, working with Daniel Portman in Reaper, and taking Keep The Home Fires to the Edinburgh Fringe.

He is a graduate of the Traverse Theatre’s Young Writers Program, the Book, Music and Lyrics musical theatre writing development and the Soho Young Playwrights.

He is the Artistic Director of Crimson Phoenix, with which he creates his own work. You can listen to his music on most popular streaming platforms.

Twitter: @_CrimsonPhoenix
Facebook: CrimsonPhoenixCreative
Website: www.crimsonphoenix.co.uk

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