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Artwork for The Thing About Dogs (from Cloaked)

The Thing About Dogs (from Cloaked)
Elliott & Larsen

A group song for any vocal range.
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About the song

Struggling with his desire to inappropriately chat with a minor online, TANNER, a cyber-crime police detective, goes to see BOB, an internet predator whom he put behind bars. Seeing that TANNER is headed towards self-destruction, BOB uses his dog, KIPSIE as an example of a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, JANICE, a psychologist is meeting with her abused, 13-year old client NOVEMBER, who reminisces about happy memories with her dog. All four characters, however, are suffering internally from their extreme loneliness.

Cloaked is a psychological thriller in which people who are yearning for human connection turn to the internet in search of fulfillment. The show follows the lives of Tanner, a cop specializing in internet crimes against children; November, a too-smart-for-her-own-good 14 year-old girl who was abused by her parents and now lives in a foster home; and Janice, a psychotherapist who has neglected her own needs, on their quest to find something – anything – to fill the canyon of emptiness inside themselves. As their online worlds collide with reality, identities blur, hidden desires are revealed and the darkness of the human heart gains an all-consuming power.

The sheet music is available in the following keys/versions: Quartet.

About the composer

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Danny Larsen (composer & co-lyricist) and Michelle Elliott (bookwriter & co-lyricist) graduated from New York University’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. Their first musical, The Yellow Wood, was awarded a Richard Rodgers Development Award and the Daryl Roth Award. In 2007, The Yellow Wood was presented in the New York Musical Theatre Festival, where Danny received the award for Best Music. The show was also part of the Village Originals and the National Alliance of Musical Theatre Festival. Cloaked, their second show, received workshop productions at CAP 21 and Village Theatre. Cloaked received a Jonathan Larson Grant and Michelle was the recipient of the Kleban Prize for Most Promising Librettist for the show.

Danny and Michelle wrote, filmed and produced a seven-part musical for teens entitled The Hinterlands in a response to the spate of suicides by gay youth. The show can be viewed at HinterlandsTheMusical.com and via Youtube.

Michelle and Danny’s musical for young people, Zombie in Love, premiered at the Oregon Children’s Theatre, where it received multiple Drammy Awards, including Best Original Score and Best Original Script, as well as the Portland Area Musical Theatre Award for Outstanding Original Musical. Their musical, Catch the Wind (formerly Maiden Voyage), is a passionate exploration of the lives of women aboard a notorious pirate ship and was presented at the Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival in 2016.

Their new show, Hart Island, is about New York City’s public burial ground and was shortlisted for the Kevin Spacey Foundation Artists of Choice award.

Danny holds Bachelors of Arts degrees in Music and Theatre Education from Brigham Young University, and has orchestrated several musicals, including Wind in the Willows and The Ballad of Little Jo.

Michelle’s first play, Promising, was produced off-off Broadway in 2015.

Facebook: elliottlarsenmusicals
Website: www.elliottlarsenmusicals.com/
Email: elliott.larsen.musicals@gmail.com

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